Mystery on Main Street

London Stories/Night and the City

By Gerald Kersh

London Stories: With twenty-five stories, this collection of noir fiction and slice-of-life stories presents a side of Kersh rarely seen. Included is one of Kersh’s finest tales, The Extraordinarily Horrible Dummy  and the fine science fiction tale, This Stuff is Like Cigarette Ash.Also included is the rare Blast, a story never before reprinted in book form.

Night and the City is one of the greatest noir novels ever published, Gerald Kersh’s stark and unrelenting Night and the City is as bleak an experience as you will ever encounter. The protagonist of the novel is the morally empty Harry Fabian, who is determined to become the top wrestling promoter in London. During the course of the novel Fabian is embroiled in various unscrupulous money-making ventures. All those around him are treated as a means to an end without exception. However, while his acts of pimping, blackmail and deception are successful, the proceeds of crime soon slip from his hands. 

These 2012 editions from Centipede Press have printed cloth front panels with designs by Limehouse Design/Medusa Press, interior photograph by Jefaf Hersch, and brief introductions by Paul Duncan.

Sold as a set, these volumes were limited to 200 copies each. Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, and printed cloth panel


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