Mystery on Main Street

Conquest: Book 1 (signed)

By John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard

Signed first edition

John  Connolly's mystery books have always harbored a tinge of the fantastic. Now, with co-author Jennifer Ridyard, Connolly takes a step deeper into the outer regions in Conquest, the first in a sci-fi thriller series, subtitled: "The Chronicle of the Invaders."

Earth is no longer ours. . . . 

It is ruled by the Illyri, a beautiful, civilized, yet ruthless alien species. But humankind has not given up the fight, and Paul Kerr is one of a new generation of young Resistance leaders waging war on the invaders. 

Syl Hellais is the first of the Illyri to be born on Earth. Trapped inside the walls of her father's stronghold, hated by the humans, she longs to escape. 
But on her 16th birthday, Syl's life is about to change forever. She will become an outcast, an enemy of her people, for daring to save the life of one human: Paul Kerr. Only together do they have a chance of saving each other, and the planet they both call home. 

For there is a greater darkness behind the Illyri conquest of Earth, and the real invasion has not yet even begun. . . .

First edition, first printing; published February 2014.



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