Mystery on Main Street

Tales of the Grand Guignol

By Maurice Level

Maurice Level (1875-1926), was a French writer of fiction and drama who specialized in short stories of the macabre which were sometimes staged by le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, the repertory company in the Pigalle district devoted to melodramatic productions. Level’s short stories are strong on obsession and violence. Their surprise endings are reminiscent of the stories of Guy de Maupassant, and their gratuitous acts and mindless brutality, may be seen as precursors of thriller fiction and slasher films.

The book is edited and introduced by S. T. Joshi. Originally issued in 2011 in a limited edition with a print run of 100, this second edition (a 300 print run) has a full color wrap-around jacket designed by David Ho.

The book has two complete novels and a dozen short stories.


Note: We also have one copy of the first edition available. It is number 75 of 100. That edition was issued without a dust jacket and has a stamped cover by Jason C. Eckhardt. Interested collectors should email us at for more information.


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